Simple Ways To Find WordPress Login URL

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Are you struggle to find your newly installed WordPress login URL?

Most of the beginners are having the same problem and they had a bad experience in their beginning of WordPress journey.

When I start using WordPress, I was confused about what is what and I don’t know how to manage WordPress. Once I logged out or closed my website tab, then I don’t know to get back to WordPress Dashboard. It was so hard for me, especially at that beginning times.

I did the same thing that is you now doing. searching for tutorials about what is WordPress?, How to use it?, How to log into WordPress?..etc.

After 6 years of experience in WordPress and I learned everything about WordPress and it is so easy now. In this guide, we are going to see how to find our WordPress login URL.

This guide help you not only find WordPress login URL, it also helps you to find the different type of WordPress installations like Localhost, Subdomain, Folder Installations.

If you are not intrested in reading, Please watch this YouTube tutorials:

Why is Login URL Important?

We can use the login URL to open the login page of our WordPress. This login page is helps us to login to our WordPress dashboard.

It is the door way of WordPress admin page or management dashboard.

Once we login into our site admin page we can create pages, add blog posts, change our site theme designs and manage more functionality to our WordPress website.

WordPress Dashboard

So, now we see about how to find WordPress login URL with real examples.

Find the WordPress Login URL in Self-hosted WordPress Website

Once you have installed WordPress CMS on your webhosting then it is so easy to find login page URL of your WordPress.

Just you need to add /admin or /login to open WordPress login page.

See the examples:


These URL’s are helping us to access the login page. But some cases WordPress recent installations have not supported these formats of URL to login. If you facing any errors login then you can use these URL formats to d access the login page.


WordPress Login

It will redirect you to the login page of your WordPress, and this format was WordPress used in their recent updates.

Find the URL of WordPress that was installed on a Subdirectory

If you installed your WordPress on your subdirectory or different folder that not associated default WordPress installations, Then you need to find that folder name first after you can access your WordPress.

Once you find that installation folder path of WordPress, Add that folder path on your browser address bar to open your WordPress login page. See these examples:


WordPress Login URL

You can use URL formats to open the login page of your WordPress which is installed on a subdirectory.

Find the URL of WordPress that was installed on a Subdomain

If you installed your WordPress on a subdomain then you need to add your subdomain in front of your URL such as like


WordPress URL

You can use URL formats to open the login page of your WordPress which is installed on a subdomain.

Find the URL of WordPress that was installed on the Localhost

If you installed your WordPress on your PC with help of Localhost then you can access your WordPress with adding localhost instead of adding domain URL just like:

  • localhost/WordPress/wp-login.php
  • localhost/WordPress/wp-login
  • localhost/WordPress/login

Localhost WordPress

Once you added right URL in your browser bar then you can open your WordPress login page which is very important for entering your website Dashboard.

In Login Page

This login page, you need to add username and password of your admin profile. In case if you entered Wrong user details you do not allow to log in your WordPress.

Login Page

You can use some security plugins to secure your login page and this is very important thing in WordPress security.

Bonus Tips: Remember WordPress URL

If you are a beginner and finding your site login URL is very hard and it makes your mind sick, But we can use a simple method to remember our WordPress login URL.

That simple way is to bookmark our WordPress login URL, Simply you can your browser to bookmark your site URL and when you want login your WordPress, open that bookmark link and it will redirect you to your WordPress website login page.

  • Firefox – Go to bookmark > Bookmark This Page
  • Chrome – Go to bookmark > Bookmark This Page
  • Internet Explorer – Go to Favorites – Add to Favorites
  • Safari – Go to books > Add Bookmark
  • Opera – Got bookmark – Add Page To bookmark

Once you have bookmarked your site login URL, Then you dont need to remember it. Use that bookmark link to access your WordPress dashboard.

We hope this article has help you to learn how to find your WordPress login URL. In our blog, you have the opportunity to read some related articles about WordPress.

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