How To Submit A Sitemap To Google Search Console

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Now we are going to see how to submit a sitemap to google search console. Organic traffic is the significant element in SEO, and if a site needs to index on the search result, then that site must have some specific thing like Robot.txt, Sitemaps, etc. If you have created these two things, then your site must be index and list search results, and after all pages and keywords will get rank on higher or lower position in search results.

How Can A Search Engine Address Our Site to Index?

The first thing you need to add your site XML sitemaps to address your site to search engines. You have added sitemaps and robot.txt then those two files send signals to search engine for your website ready to be indexed. Every search engines have their separate webmaster tools index all other sites, and we need to create a specific email account to submit our website all the search engines like

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yandex
  • Yahoo

First things are we need to create the particular email address to every search engine after they have allowed our site submit their search console.

In this guide, we are going to see only how to submit a sitemap to Google search console. We can create an XML sitemap with various plugins like

These plugins can help us to generate XML sitemap on our WordPress website. These three plugins are very popular on WordPress. If you don’t know how to create a sitemap, then read our sites lates articles to find how to.

Why Do We need to Submit A Sitemaps to Goole Search Engine?

XML sitemaps contain all of our websites URL of pages, images, files, and posts. If a search engine bot visit to index our site then XML sitemaps will give signals to search engine bots to index sites URLs.

If you have posted something on your website, then XML sitemaps will notify to search engines to index those pages. That’s why we need to submit. If you have published any new post on your site, then sitemaps will be automatically updated and listed all the new URL to sitemaps.

You were a WordPress user then you have a lot of options to create XML and HTML sitemaps, but some WordPress plugin generates a buggy sitemap which will make a lot of errors in Search console. So, try to generate XML sitemaps without any mistake its one of the best strategy ranking higher in search results.

  • You can create sitemaps with online third-party websites and those sitemaps excellent to use.

The sitemap is one of must needed thing get organic traffic, if our site does not have XML sitemaps then our keywords and pages are not qualified to rank in search results.

Next step we are going to see how to submit a sitemap to google search console.

  • One crucial thing is must need to be considered here. Try to place your sitemaps URL in the footer of your website. It helps search engine bots to crawl your site URLs very quickly.

How to Submit A Sitemap to Google Search Console?

Before starting the first step, you need to verify your site to google search console of your ownership of the site. After we can use google search console for researching our sites SEO keywords, submitting sitemaps, upload Robot.txt files and more useful SEO things for our website.


The first step is you need to find your sites XML sitemap URL for submitting Google. If you have already discovered your sites XML sitemap URL, please go to the second step. Did you have not found it then follow this first step?

Find your sites XML sitemap with Yoast SEO plugin.

Most of WordPress users are using Yoast SEO plugin, and this plugin has all best features to use, and we can use this plugin to generate and use XML sitemaps very easily.

Go to your WordPress website Dashboard > SEO menu in sidebar menu of your site > Open XML Sitemaps menu and this page you can find your site XML sitemaps links.

How to submit a sitemap to google

Find your sites XML sitemap with Jetpack For WordPress plugin.

Jetpack plugin is also one of the favorite WordPress plugins, and this plugin has a lot of useful features, and we can freely utilize all those useful features. We can quickly create XML sitemaps with Jetpack For WordPress.

If you have used this plugin to generate XML sitemaps, then find it the following steps Go to your WordPress sites Dashboard > Open Jetpack Plugin menu in the sidebar > Open Settings in the right section of the page > click Traffic tab to open > scroll down to find Create XML sitemaps option. There we can see the URL of our sites XML sitemaps.

Jetpack Sitemaps

Find your sites XML sitemap with Google XML sitemaps plugin.

If you use the Google XML sitemaps plugins in your site, then you can find XML sitemaps of your website accessible.

XML sitemaps

Go to your WordPress websites Dashboard > Scroll down to your sites Settings > Find XML-Sitemap option, and there you can see your site XML sitemaps.

SEO for WordPress


Last step we saw about how to find our sites XML sitemaps. In this step, we are going to submit our sites XML sitemaps to Google Search Console. If you have successfully verified ownership of your website, then you can provide XML sitemaps to Google.

Go to Google Webmaster Tools or Search Console > Scroll down below to Crawl tab > See below to open Sitemaps.

In the right side of the page, you can see Add and Test sitemaps. If your press that option you can see a Drop-Down TextBox.

In that box was you need to Add your sites XML sitemap URL. After entering the XML sitemaps URL, we can submit and test it on Google Search Console.

Google Search Console

After submitting our site, XML sitemaps to google our website will be indexed by the search result easily. But some great plugins like Yoast, Jetpack, Google XML sitemaps causes some errors on sitemaps. You need to check your SEO functions regularly Google Search Console and other webmaster tools.

Thank you for spending your time to read our blog. This guide clears your doubts about how to submit a sitemap to google search engine. Are you like this article? Please share with your friends on social media, and do you have any doubts and questions, please drop it in comments?

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