Do you want to grow your business in online? Are you confused about choosing right SEO tools

Yah guys, There are best sources was already here for you. These sources are beneficial for SEO and Digital Marketing; You can utilize these SEO tools features for your growth.

Personally, I have used all these sources for creating this Award-winning blog and get massive organic traffic within six months.

1. Google Search Related to Keywords (free)

Google Search Related Keywords

I know guys this not a tool, but it is a google search engines advantageous feature, We can use this feature for finding some great long tail and low competition keyword ideas.

If you search something on Google, it shows some related phrase on the bottom of the results page, and Those are called LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) these are we can use as a primary keyword for blog posts. Every search related to keywords does not help us to get organic traffic, but some of the keywords are having good monthly search volume and PPC.

2.Google Trends (free)

Google trends

Google trends are one of the best tools for finding the monthly search for a keyword. You don’t need to pay some SEO tools for finding keyword ideas.

You can use Google search related keywords with Google trends to find some helpful keyword ideas for your blog posts. You can quickly research keywords ideas with these two tools. These two tools are free, and we can efficiently use these impressive features.

3.UberSuggest (free)


Are you looking for long tail keywords?

UberSuggest is the best tool for finding some excellent long tail keyword ideas. This tool is free, and its data was very accurate. We can get all Google AdWords PPC keywords with UberSuggest. The difference between Google AdWord and UberSuggest is niche long tail keywords.

We can easily find niche long tail keywords with UberSuggest is the best feature of this tool.

4.Moz Bar (free & paid)

SEO tools

The Moz bar is free browser extension for finding competitor backlinks and authority. Moz domain authority, Page authority was dominated by search results.

Most of the search results are depending upon the DA and PA of websites.

Every time We need to analyze our competitors SEO. Because competitor has more PA, DA authority than our site, Then they can quickly get the first page of SERP.

Moz bar tool gives us that advanced feature for free to analyze our competitors with search results.

5.SimilarWeb (free)


SimilarWeb.com is a free competitor analysis tools. We can get our competitor complete online presence with this website.

Like Alexa rank, Global search rank, Traffic, Social media analytics, Audience overview, PPC analysis many more thing can this site offer us for free. You can use SimilarWeb to analyze and gather all of your competitor’s data easily.

6.Canva (free & paid)

Do you want colorful blog post images? Social media posters? Email templates?

All these features are Canva have, and we can use this most of advanced features for free, but some essential functions are needed a monthly or annual subscription. We can use Canva for creating SEO friendly images, posters, infographics and many more.

7.Grammarly (free & paid)

Grammarly is not complete SEO tool, but it helps us to create an SEO friendly content. The search engine is always loved clean and well-written contents for users. Well written contents are easily understandable for a user.

So, Grammarly can help us to create excellent content for attracting our audience.  Grammarly not only offer us to create contents without errors, but It also provides to check plagiarism in our contents.

Plagiarism check is a premium feature in this tool we need to pay for that, But it is constructive for write quality contents.

8.KWFinder (paid)


KWFinder is one of best SEO tool in 2018. This tool analytical data was very an accurate, and a lot of peoples are using tool for Keyword research.

I have to spend a lot of time with this keyword tool, and it was effortless to use and very accurate, All of my blog keyword ideas are coming with KWFinder.

KWFinder has a lot of cool features like SERP analysis, Search trends, Keyword metrics, Accurate keyword difficulty, Longtail keyword and many more.

But it cost monthly just 26 USD.

9.SEMrush (paid)


SEMrush one of very popular SEO and SEM tool. This tool has a lot of advanced SEO features like site analysis, Keyword research, SEO audit, PPC keyword research, Traffic value estimations and many more.

I have used this tool for SEO audit, Competitor analysis and SEO visibility for my website. It was a pretty excellent tool for Digital marketers and SEO experts. SEMrush has little bit expensive other tool but it worth to use.

10.Google Analytics (free)

Everyone already knows why we need to use Google analytics; it helps us monitor our site behaviors and audience behaviors. Google Analytics is an excellent tool to use for analysis our overall site behavior in online. We can get the whole information about our site easily in seconds.

Bonus SEO tools – Fiverr (paid)

Fiverr is a best paid outsource for newbie bloggers. You can get a lot of useful things for your website in Fiverr. A lot of people are staying waiting for helping other people problems. So, We can use those peoples for our growth.

Mostly blogger used Fiverr for

  • Content creation
  • SEO optimizations
  • Building backlinks
  • Marketing and promoting content to social media
  • Improve business

You can efficiently use Fiverr for your growth. Fiverr was help you to spend your money to save your time. It is the best outsourcing platform in online. I have used Fiverr for SEO Because I have a lot of experience in SEO. Here you can check out my profile.

I hope these ten best SEO tools can help you to get a massive success in online. Some of the tools are entirely free to use, and those free tools have very advanced features free for use like Google analytics, Google trends, UberSuggest, Moz bar extension. You can efficiently utilize these features for your growth.