The Complete Off Page SEO Checklist For Your Website

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Do you want to get success with SEO and your business? This is the best guide for you.

SEO is one of significant thing in the online world.

Off page seo checklist

Peoples are always trying to get first place in search results for their growth. SEO is that only something can help anyone to increase their online success.
Before you get the significant improvement in your website, need to know some important thing about SEO. That was the only thing help you get rank on SERP. It is the difference between on page and off page SEO.

We are not only going to see the difference between On Page and Off Page SEO, but We will also see the Off Page SEO checklist which helped us to get the significant online success.

Yes, guys, SEO has two type of different paths that were combined with the search engine to provide a user with answers to their questions.

If you know how to create a content that can satisfy a searcher, Then you can create an excellent content that gets a lot of traffic throw search engines. But create a right content could not make us rank high in search results,

We need to do some impressive things that will improve our sites authority and trust score which made us rank high in SERP. Now we are going to see about Difference Between On Page And Off Page SEO and why it was needed for the traffic of our site.

The Difference Between On Page And Off Page SEO

Search engine optimization was getting divided into two different types, That was On page and Off Page SEO. Each two has the same level of importance in ranking a web page. The difference between this two thing was called SEO.

SEO is an algorithm which was analyzed all webpage and content for the searchers. A searcher was a searched query on search engine then search engine was calculated that algorithm to working directly to provide the right information to that searcher.

That algorithm was called Onpage and Offpage SEO. These are the real ranking SEO factors, directly working on the difference between Onpage and Offpage SEO.

  • The On Page SEO was how our site optimized for user usability and search engine friendly.
  • The Off Page SEO was how our site connected to other sites and how a site was having the authority of users influential.

Combination of these things was giving the authority to web pages to rank high in SERP. Without Off-page SEO factors, the lot of websites was ranked high, But in the high difficulty of keywords need to lot PA, DA authority for the ranking first page.

If a keyword does not have healthy competition, then we can rank without Off page SEO. But you need On page SEO because On-Page SEO is very crucial in SEO.

On Page SEO

Why need we optimize our website for a search engine?

A searcher was searching something then search engine does their work to find what that searcher needs. Our site has followed all search engine recommendations to create a web page for answering that searcher question. Then search engine will list our webpage links on search results.

Search engines do this thing for all other web pages which were having same related contents about that question. Our web page was created with all best On page SEO factors; the search engine will list our site first page on search results. First page results of search results were defended upon On Page and Off Page SEO factors.

There is a lot of On Page SEO factors was there, and there were listed below for your reference.

On a web page, those site elements which were optimized for search rankings, that optimization was affected directly on SERP. That was called On Page SEO. On Page SEO was working on the optimization of web pages which was helping to increases the usability to the users.

These are the major On Page SEO element which helped search engine to rank web pages. If we have optimized our web pages with all those SEO factors, then our content was ranked very well on SERP.

Off Page SEO

The off page SEO is entirely different than On page SEO. This difference was divided the SEO into two different paths. If we have the right balance on these two, then we can rank high on SERP.  Off page SEO was focus throw increases the authority of a website.

The authority of website was determined the search results. Because if a site has strong authority, then that site was ranked first in SERP because of that authority power. So major search engines was recommended this practice for getting more linkable sources for increasing the authority. The authority had two different types that were

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority

Before our website was listed in search results, the search engine was calculated our site page authority and domain authority after we have ranked in search results. Calculated an authority of a webpage

  • Quality of backlinks
  • Social media presence
  • Influence of the audience
  • Guest blogging to the same niche
  • Shareable content

These things determine the PA, DA authority of a website. If we have created our website with all these vital things, Then these things can show the power of authority, Which was the help to increase the page rank of our site.

I hope you have to get the precise understandings about the difference between On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. In the next, we are going to see the Off Page SEO checklist, Which is very important for getting the first page on SERP.

Off Page SEO checklist

This section entirely on the Off page SEO checklist which helped us to improve the authority our site. In the last part, we see the importance and difference between On Page and Off Page SEO.

Off-page SEO is such as the popularity of online presence of a site. Our website has more popular on online; then we have to get more visibility on SERP.

How has a website more popularity on online?

If we did every Off Page SEO checklist and activities, then those were sending signals to search engine and improve the authority of our site. It helps us get more visibility on SERP.

Off Page SEO checklist: 12 Ways To Get More SEO Authority

Off Page SEO checklist has shown you 12 different ways which were very important for increase Page and Domain authority.

1.Sharable Content

Creating a shareable content was improve the traffic via social media and It was the best way to get more backlinks. So you need to create a quality of content with all social media sharing options.

2.Getting Influencer Touch

Creating quality of content does not help us to get backlinks. We need to get in the touch with other influencers. You can get touch with another influencer with email and social media. It was the best way get more backlinks on the same niche.

3.Guest Post

Other blogs offer us to get quality backlinks with a quality guest post. We can spend three to four hours to create a quality guest post for a backlink.

4.Social Media Presence

A social media engagement is the direct influence of peoples and gets more traffic via social media. You need to create specific pages for Top social media network like:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus

These are high page rank social media sites; You can get a lot of audiences there with your site social media pages.

5.Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a beneficial platform which was primarily designed for creating a landmark of the sites. This kind of sites has more authority and traffic. We can gain more traffic and influence from these sites. These are the famous and high PA, DA sites:


You can submit your site links to get more authority with these sites.

This off Page SEO checklist was having some more essential things for you; please keep going on.


Participating in forums are an exciting thing, and we can gather a lot of excellent information here. The forum is working on answering other peoples questions and exchanging lot information in every second.

We can get a superb URL authority with discussions forums. Forum backlinks are must be Do-follow. Forums do not allow us to spam on discussions, but they offer us to profile signature URLs. So we can grab that easy opportunity to get a high DA. PA link.


These are the high DA. PA Forums; You can create a profile with URL  signature to get a backlink easily.

7.Blog Directory

Submitting our website to blog directories is an old SEO practice, and this practice was losing the power of providing high authority to sites. But we can choose the right kind of high DA. PA Blog directories to submit our blog URL, Then we can get high authority throw with its backlinks.


These are the high DA. PA blog directories; You can submit site URL here to get more authority.

8.Article Submission

Article submission directories are primarily working for spreading the valuable information to their audience. High PR article submission directories help us to give our knowledge to everyone, and this thing can help us influence peoples with our article.

High-quality of content with a lot of useful information will influence more people, and it will increase the authority of our site backlinks.


These are the high DA. PA Article Submission sites.

9.Question and Answer Sites

Do you like answering other peoples question?

Answering other peoples question can help to improve a site authority?

There’s a lot of question answering site was trying help other peoples, and they offer us as the website owners to provide our knowledge to other peoples. We can get a backlink for answering other people questions, and those links are No-follow.


These are the high DA. PA Question Answer sites; You can provide the quality of answer and get backlinks easily with this sites.

  1. Video Channels

The video is one of a principal thing in online, and these are growing very high on these days. We can create a video and backlinks to our site is so simple. There is a lot of sites was offer us share our video easily to peoples.


11.Image Sharing Sites

Sharing your pictures with image submission websites will help us get high DA. PA authority.


These are popular image sharing sites which were mainly working throw sharing images on online. You can submit your pictures with correct title tags, and URL address will help you a lot.

12.Blog Commenting

Commenting is a helpful tool for most of the new bloggers and website owners. We can get more high authority backlinks with blog commenting.

These 12 Off page SEO checklist things can help you to rank high on SERP, and it can increase your site DA. PA authority very easily. We have seen the difference between On Page and Off Page SEO and which are very important in Off Page SEO checklist. The right amount of On Page SEO optimization and Proper Off-page SEO giving us to more significant results on SERP. If you follow the Off Page SEO checklist correctly, then that activity helped you a lot on SEO.

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