How To Add Meta Tags In WordPress Home Page

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Do you want to know how to add meta tags in WordPress? In this post, I have explained very clearly about what is meta tags and how to use and add meta tags to WordPress.

Here I have written everything about meta tags. But you need to know how to add it to WordPress; please scroll down to the last heading of this post. Now we see an intense aspect of meta tags.

What is meta tags?

A meta tag is an HTML and fundamental element of a web page object. The meta tags are placed near to head section of web page.

  • <head>Meta Tag Location</head>

A Meta tag is given little-described information’s to search engines and search bots index a web page easily with that information. Meta tags are an invisible element of the web page, and it has hidden behind web page codings.

Peoples cant see these tags, and only search engine bots can see and read these tags. Hidden objects contained web pages are search engines does not recommend for searcher anymore, but these tags do not have any rules hide.

Search engines favor these tags to add to a web page, and these tags are not illegal objects to hide. Meta tags are very helpful for search engine indexing.  Meta tags are indicating search engine bots to indexing those pages for similar content like those.

Which is a vital meta tag?

There are a lot of meta tags are exist in web page objects, but we need to consider only three type of meta tags are beneficial for SEO, and we need to optimize our web pages for ranking higher on search engines with those tags. These tags are currently not a high ranking factor in SEO, but these have some vital role in the search result.

Important three meta tags are

  • Title meta tags
  • Keyword meta tags
  • Description meta tags.

These are very important, and these are help search engine bots to indexing a web page.

Title meta tag simply shows a title or heading of a web page in search results. But this tag does not have more value for ranking high in search results, but it attracts peoples click throw your web page in search results.

  • <title>Title of a web page</title>

Keywords meta tag is like words or phrases, and those are a small description of contents of the page. It was like focus keywords of a web page. Search engine bots are considered Keyword tags for indexing a web page. These tags are currently useless, but these have some weight to rank.

  • <meta name=”keywords” contents=”All the keywords are placed here”/>

Descriptions meta tag is similar to keyword meta tags. This tag is like two or three line summary of the web page. Simply this an overview of a web page in search results. Description tag has 150 to 160-word character limitations.

Every search engines to index Title tag and Description tag within search results like Title and summary of the web page.

  • <meta name=”description” contents=”Summary of a web page is written here”/>

Search engines need Title meta tags,  keyword meta tags, and Descriptions meta tags to index those contents with similar like contents. Well created meta tags are very helpful for rank in higher in search results. Next section we are going to see how to add meta tags in WordPress.

Adding Meta Tags In WordPress Home Page

Do you want to know how to add meta tags in WordPress?.  It is the right section for you. Adding meta tags to WordPress very easy and very useful for SEO. Follow this steps to add meta tags in WordPress.

Meta Description and keyword tags help search engines tell more detailed about your homepages other pages to searchers. The purpose of using meta tags and meta description tags very helpful for attracting searchers attention and give a small review in the search result.

In recent time search engines are changing their algorithm for ranking a web page with different ranking factors. But these tags are not a high ranking factor, but it has some value to use.

Follow These Steps To Add Meta Tags In WordPress

You need only one plugin to add meta tags in WordPress. That was “ Yoast SEO plugin. “ This plugin comes with the function of add meta tags to WordPress.

add meta tags in wordpress

Default settings of Yoast plugin do not enable in meta keyword features. You need to allow meta keywords to use it on WordPress. The first step you want to enable meta keywords to your WordPress.


SEO plugin option

You can start to scroll down WordPress dashboard sidebar menu to visiting “ Yoast SEO ” plugin menu page. Then open ” Dashboard” to click ” Features tab ” after you need to enable “ Advanced Setting Page ” option in below of page and then click save changes options to keep it.

advanced settings option


Then go to ” Titles & Meta ” menu page to click “Other” tab. After Enable “ Use meta keyword tag? ” option to enable meta keyword tags option.

enable meta keywords

Now you have successfully enabled meta keyword tags option in WordPress with the help of Yoast SEO plugin. You can now add meta keyword tags on your homepage. Follow the third step to add keywords tags and descriptions tags to your website homepage.


Now you need to add meta keywords and descriptions to your homepage. First, Need to head over to the ” SEO “ sidebar menu and click ” Titles & Meta ” page menu.

Then click ” Homepage ” tab button. Here you need to add your site homepage title, description, and keywords tags.

Home Page In Yoast


Then click save changes option to complete the process. You can not add meta tags and meta descriptions to your homepage in here. Then follow the next step.


In some cases, you cant adding meta tags and description option in homepage tap. So go to edit your ” Homepage ” in ” Pages ” menu. Scroll down to ” Yoast SEO “section. If you followed all the step mentioned above, then you can find adding meta tags and meta description options here.

adding meta tags in editing pages

Add your perfect descriptions and meta tags to your homepage. Don’t forget to update your pages and post after adding meta tags and descriptions.

It is not an optional step. It is the actual method of adding meta tags and meta descriptions to pages, Homepages, and post. You can follow this actionable steps to add meta tags and description for every pages and post.

Now you have successfully added meta tags on your WordPress homepage. We hope this article helps you learn how to add meta tags in WordPress homepage.

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