How To Use Long Tail Pro For Keyword Competition Research

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This guide accurately shows you, How can we use Long Tail Pro for competitor analysis to rank high on SERP. It is the method I have used on my blog, and within the six months, I got 2000 organic visits per month. This method is always working and low cost effective.

Long Tail Pro

You need only one tool to for getting unlimited organic traffic to your site. That excellent tool was Longtail Pro. Yah guys we can use a long tail pro for finding long tail keywords and competitor analysis for rank high on SERP.

Importance Of Competitor Analysis For Keyword Rankings

Choosing long tail keyword is not only going to help us with SEO rankings.

SEO rankings were always based on site authority. Authority of the site was still depended upon Domain authority and Page Authority. A site has high DA, PA authority then that site must have a significant opportunity to rank high on SERP.

A keyword difficulty was always depended upon completion of top authority sites. Most of the high authority sites were a focus to create content with one keyword, Then that keyword difficulty drastically increases with the competition of that sites.

The same thing was applied to all kind of keywords like head keywords, body keywords, and long tail keywords.

We can get unlimited long tail keywords with a long tail pro, But the chances of rank in higher on SERP is depended on our site authority. If we need to rank first page SERP, We don’t buy lot SEO tools. We need only one tool that has all the best SEO features, That was Long Tail Pro.

Niche Topics And Its Importance.

We can use a long tail pro to get most of the long tail keywords for any niche. Now long tail pro was working very well on finding niche keywords.

Before you start using longtail pro for your small business or blogs, You need to know what was your niche. Most of the niche was occupied by a lot of other bloggers and business websites.

You need to improve your site traffic; Then you need to find a lot of long tail keywords in your niche. That was the only way for low authority sites. Google and Most other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex are always choosing niche results for any keyword search.

Any keywords are searched on search engines they were always working on giving users to exact relevant results with depth details. If content was created with all the essential information in-depth, Then search engine choose those content for placed first in search results.

Most of the time Google does not care about the authority of the site, Because of the authority results will not give the relevant results to searchers. They always care about in-depth and niche contents. You want unlimited organic traffic; Then you need to choose any niche and with long tail keywords.

How can we find niche topics?

We can easily find niche topics on the internet with some of the best sources. That was

  • Forums
  • Wikipedia
  • Google Adword Tool
  • Reddit
  • Google LSI keywords and Related Searches

These are best places to find excellent niche topics.

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Why Do We Need To Choose Longtail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are always specific about any topic, and we can get various kind keywords that specify a single niche topic. Those are having more than three plus additional words.

Long tails keywords are having some minimum search volume and low competition. We can easily get ranked the first page with long tail keywords. Most of the searcher is always likely to search longtail keywords, and it can give exact relevant results to them. We can utilize those advantages for our site growth.

Once you have done about choosing the right niche for your blog, Then you can use longtail pro to find some low competition keywords.

These are the best SEO guides for finding niche and keywords in Long Tail Pro’s Blog

Before we are going experiment competitor analysis on Longtail Pro, You need to find some bunch keywords list for your niche topic. Above the linked articles can help you find some great longtail keywords in your niche.

8 Steps To Use Long Tail Pro For Keyword Competition Research

It is exact method that I was used on my blog to get a lot of organic traffic. This method was divided into eight simple activities with the Long Tail Pro, That was going give us the specific SEO value of any keywords.

Before starting these steps, You need to check you site Domain Authority and Page Authority of your website. There is a lot of free sites has offered us to check our site DA, PA for free.

Please make sure how your site authority power on the internet.


If your site has lower authority like below then 30 DA, PA, then step one is necessary for you. Your site has more than 30 DA, PA then you can skip this step and go directly to STEP: 2

Long tail keywords

Open the Long Tail Pro account and If you have already got niche topics, Then put the niche on Longtail Pro and start finding some keyword ideas.

Once you got the keywords ideas, Then you need to choose a keyword, which has low competition like below 35.

Low Competition Keywords



Below 35 is the best difficulty of lower authority sites. Once you got the lower difficulty keyword, please go to STEP: 3


Your site had more than 30 DA, PA then this step is for you. You can start with and STEP:1 to STEP: 3 or follow this step to STEP: 3

High authority sites can effortlessly rank high on SERP. So you can choose any kind of keyword to start analyzing that competition analysis.

  • High difficulty keywords
  • Low difficulty keywords
  • High CPC keywords
  • Head, Body and Long Tail keywords
  • High traffic keywords
  • Low traffic keywords


You have selected any keyword then please click that, It will display competition analysis of that keyword.

We can see here all the details of first page SERP of that keyword, That was like Keyword Competitiveness, Domain Competitiveness, Backlinks, Domain Age, etc.

Use long tail pro

That first-page result always depended upon the authority of the sites. Any of the sites have lower authority on SERP; Then we can outrank that sites with quality and in-depth, detailed contents.

To find out that keyword has any lower authority site like below the 30 Domain Competitiveness on first page SERP.



Check that keyword top 10 results, How many of site have the same keyword in their titles. Anyone of the sites does not use that same keyword in the title; Then that must be a significant opportunity for us.

Organic search results

If more than three sites have the exact keyword in their titles; Please check their Domain Competitiveness and backlinks, They have higher authority then your website, You must refuse that keyword.

You cant win with your lower authority. Please select any other keyword to do the same procedure, To find an excellent opportunity.


This step is for niche analysis; Niche site are always ranked high in SERP. Because of they have covered all the necessary information of a single topic.

We cant easily outrank niche sites. If we have more authority then that niche site, Then we easily exceed them to get the first page.

Figure out how many of niche sites was listed in Top 10 results. Mostly niche sites have the exact keyword in their domain.

  • Niche domain like is mainly focused on long tail keywords. They have exact keyword in their domain.

Niche keywords

However, if top 10 results have more than three niche domain, Then we need avoid that keyword and select another keyword to follow the same procedure.


Trust flow is one of best SEO factor. Our competitor has low authority and high trust flow; Search engine gives them that opportunity to get the first page easily. So this thing is very crucial on here.

Please check out how many of site have low trust score below than 25. More then three then we can rank high on that keyword easily.

SEO factor


Citation flow same as like Trust Flow. Please ensure how many sites have lower than 35 citation flow score. It was 3 to 4 then that was a good sign for us.

Keyword competiton


Domain age is one of a significant ranking factor, Most of the sites are ranked on the first page one or two years later. But many cases minimum numbers of the site are presented in first like my blog.

Less than 2 to 3-year old domains we easily outrank with our quality content. Please check domain age of first page results. Please ensure how many of them below 2 to 3 years old.

ranking factor

You can efficiently use all these eight steps to find some excellent keyword opportunity in any niche. If any of the keywords does not fit these criteria, Then you must avoid that and choose another keyword.

These eight things are used for rank web pages and websites. We can use long Tail Pro and utilize all its features for competitor analysis and be finding some low difficulty long tail keywords.

I have used this same strategy and created a quality of contents. All of my keywords ranked very well on SERP. You can efficiently use this strategy with Long Tail Pro and get ranked well on SERP. If you like this strategy, please utilize for your growth.

You have doubts and questions; please leave it in comments.

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  1. A very well defined article. It will help me a lot and the tool which you share with us LongTailPro it’s totally awesome.
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  2. Gotta go the long tail route Arun to target and rule certain keywords. I get little Google traffic but the traffic I snag usually flows through long tail sources. People looking for certain blog keywords, or for travel related keywords that drive traffic to BFP. Research is a big part of longtail success; you gave us a rich resource here brother.


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