How To Create A Sitemap With Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

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Now we are going to see how to create a sitemap with Google XML sitemaps plugin. Create a sitemap with Google XML sitemap plugin is very easy to create and anyone can easily create sitemaps with this plugin.

In this article, we are going to do this job very easily with this plugin.
The XML sitemap functionality is one of the crucial things for organic search traffic. Search engines must need this function for crawl and index our sites. So we need to create a valid sitemap for search engines.

If our sitemaps have any errors, then crawling process delayed by search engines those errors decrease our SEO value on our site. So, we need to take care of XML sitemaps.

A lot of the plugins can create a sitemap with a lot of unwanted things in our sitemaps. Search engines are struggling to read our sitemap with errors. The plugins like Yoast SEO sitemaps, Jetpack For WordPress sitemaps are generating sitemaps with errors.
But Google XML sitemaps plugin is one of best XML sitemap plugin, and this plugin does not create any errors like duplicate contents, HTTP errors, Canonical errors, Pagination errors like errors, and we can prevent with Google XML sitemaps plugin.
We can generate valid sitemap without errors with this plugin, and that sitemap was supported by every search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, Yandex and all other search engines.

How To Create A Sitemap?

First thing is we need to disable all other plugins sitemap on our WordPress after we do go to learn how to create a sitemap. Follow all these seven steps correctly to create a valid sitemap.


If you have used Jetpack For WordPress plugin on your site, then follow this action make sure you did not enable XML sitemaps in Jetpack.
Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Open Jetpack menu in the sidebar > Click the above button Settings to open setting menu > Click Traffic tab to open traffic settings > Scroll down to XML sitemaps make sure you did not enable XML sitemap with Jetpack.



In this second step, we are going disable XML sitemaps on WordPress Yoast SEO plugin.

We need to disable all other plugins XML functionality for creating a valid XML sitemap with Google XML sitemap plugin.
Go to WordPress Dashboard > Open SEO menu in the sidebar > Scroll down to XML sitemap function and make sure it has disabled.

how to create a sitemap
We have done this first two steps. Now, we are ready for creating a valid XML sitemap with Google XML sitemaps plugin.


Your site has enabled other plugins sitemaps then those sitemaps are messed with Google XML sitemaps so please check your website did not use any separate sitemaps.
Follow this URL:
Put your site URL on this site to check if you have any sitemaps.


In this fourth step, we are going to install and activate this plugin on our website.
Go to WordPress Dashboard > Open Plugins menu > Click the above button Add New > Open WordPress Plugins Directory to find Google XML sitemaps plugin. Click Install and Activate the switch to use this plugin.

Google XML sitemap
Once you have installed the plugin on your site, you have successfully generated the sitemap on your site, but you need to configure it for decreases common errors.


After installing the plugin on our site. We need to configure it for creating valid XML sitemaps without common errors.
In this page, we are going configure our WordPress sitemaps. We can check our site sitemap which is generated by Google XML sitemaps plugin shown on the page.
Go to WordPress Dashboard > Scroll down to Settings in sidebar > Open XML sitemaps menu.

XML sitemap for wordpress
Under the basic option > We need to enable all the search engine option listed there.
Under post priority option > Select Comment count to enable.
Under the sitemap content option > select first four option which is must need for indexing our site. Don’t enable other options.

XML sitemap configuration


Update options to save all those changes. Please leave other options by default. If you make any changes to those that will create a lot of errors.


This is the last step we need check our site sitemap health on SEMrush. You have SEMrush do technical SEO audit to check your sitemap functionality health.

Thank you for spending your time to read our article. We hope you can learn how to create a sitemap with Google XML plugin. Do you have any doubt, please share with us in comments. If you like this article, please share it on social media.

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