How To Write The Perfect H1 Tag For SEO Rankings

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Why we need to use H1 tag for SEO ranking improvements.

The heading tags are one of an essential ranking factor in search engine page rankings. In recent time all the webmasters update their contents for search engine rankings. Search engine results are one of the best things for us like every bloggers and webmaster. We need to understand search engine algorithms for our growth. First thing for search rankings is we need to follow all the search engine rules after we will rank in search results.

H1 tag for SEO

Most search engine rules depend upon on On-Page SEO Techniques. On-Page SEO techniques are like we need to create the content with all SEO ranking factors. Directly SEO on-page techniques are like well-written contents, Optimized images, ALT tags, Meta tags, Proper usage heading tags are can improve our SEO rankings. Some of our sites do not have proper SEO ranking factors like H1 heading tags.

Genesis themes are well designed with best SEO ranking factors. We need to rank on higher then we need to use SEO friendly themes. In internet lot of WordPress theme provider are does not care about SEO. They only focus on designs of a website. They concentrate on ultimate designing’s for attracting users, but those themes did not help us for organic traffic. If we care about organic traffic, then we need to choose Genesis framework themes.

What is the H1 tag on a web page?

H1 tags are simple HTML head tags. These tags are mostly used in post titles, page titles, and site titles. H1 tags only have bigger font size. All other tags are used for subheadings and usual headings with the small size of fonts. Most important H1 headings are mentioned in Heading tags.  Header tags are having six kinds of types. Those are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. These tags can give a signal to search engine to what the page content is about, and search engine understands that signs to index a web page.

Heading tags can help search engine to rank a web page quickly. These tags are a part of HTML and code with information. A small description of a page has added these tags. These tags can engage user directly. And lead them to read the content of web page. These tags are not phrase and words.

A web page has proper H1, H2 to H6 tags that will increase user experiences. These tags can differentiate contents to the subsection.  These tags are one of an On-page SEO factor.

H1 tags are essential for SEO?

H1 tags will increase overall user experiences score, and this score is one of the dominant SEO ranking factors. So, heading tags are improving on-page SEO by user experiences.  Including keywords in an H1 tag for SEO did not help us anymore. This tag directly enhances the User experience of a web page. The only purpose of H1 tags for SEO is increasing user experiences for decreasing bounce rate our site.
Google updates the Hummingbird algorithms has filtered a lot of search result with the low user experience. If content was not enough to satisfy a user, then content that page bounce rate was increasing automatically because of users leave that page within 30 seconds. Lack of user experience can directly be affecting bounce rate of the web page.

Higher bounce rate will decrease the SEO score of a web page. So, Must need to focus a web page or website with increasing overall user exercises. Simply H1 tags can increase overall experiences of a web page.

How many H1 tags should we use?

These tags are vital for overall user experiences. We miss proper alignment of these tags will affect SEO and give as bad results to us. We need to arrange these tags with proper alignment after creating content. But H1 tags is most significant all other tags.

We need only one H1 tag for SEO rankings. Overuse of H1 tag makes low user experiences, and it does not help SEO. One H1 tag is like one heading of the web page. More heading will confuse the search engines to analyze the page is what about. H1 is like heading and H2, and H3 like subheading of a web page. Proper use heading and subheading make a significant impact on SEO.

How can we check our website have the H1 tag for SEO rankings?

• In your browser open your site > Click view page source. Page source pages look like full of coding.
• Then open the find option in your browser.
• Put that find option text box to <h1> to find next.
• Your site has heading tags. Then those tags will have highlighted on the coding of your site.
• Follow this method to find all heading tags like H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.
• If you do not have these tags, then you can find highlighted texts on it find the box.

How To Write H1 Tag For SEO

Writing H1 tag for SEO is one of a kind thing for organic traffic. Wel written heading tags can attract searchers to read and visit our page. Before we publish something on our site, we need to make a proper H1 and all other tags after publish. Unclear heading tags can confuse user to read and understand what topic is about

  • Use only one the H1 tag in a page and posts.
  • We need a whole cover topic of the page to H1 tags.
  • Use target keyword to H1 tags for increase user experiences
  • Make multiple sections with H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags
  • Create a well-written H1 tag for SEO rankings. Make it clear to read.

Use proper heading tags can improving your SEO rankings. We hope this article can help you to learn a lot about SEO ranking with H1 tags. Thank you for spending your time reading our article. If you like this information, please share it with your friends on social media.

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