How To Use Fast Velocity Minify To Increase WordPress Performance

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Fast velocity minify plugin is a minification plugin?

Is it a cache clean plugin?

Can we use it in our WordPress?

All of the answers are below.

Fast velocity minify

Minification is one of the best things for a website. It can increase a website performance and SEO. Minify CSS and JS files can enhance a website performance very quickly. Minification is like the same of cache cleaning. Cache cleaning is simply removing unnecessary things stored on a website. Minification is equal to cache cleaning. It removes unnecessary white spaces, line, and object in source files of a site. Eliminating useless things can decrease a website sizes, and these things are never loaded any more after minifications. It can increase website performance very easy.

Good stuff about minifying

  • Minification can reduce the number request size by loading of a web page.
  • A website can load much faster after minification.
  • Web host disk usages will reduce after minification.
  • Combining source file can increase page speed score.

Fast Velocity Minify Is a Cache Clean Plugin?

Therein WordPress lot of minification plugin was available most of the plugins are not a minify plugins. Those plugins are majorly Cache Clean plugins. Fast velocity minify is not a Cache cleaning plugin. It is minification plugin; It can work with significant cache cleaning plugin like

  • WP Rocket
  • WP Supercache
  • W3Total Cache
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • Zen Cache
  • Cahchify
  • Comet Cache
  • LiteSpeed Cache.

Fast Velocity Minify is one of the best plugins to minify CSS; JS files combine them into a single file.  This plugin also has cache cleaning functions for cleaning CSS and JS files. This plugin can increase a website performance very intentionally. Fast Velocity Minify plugin is combined merely source files to separating HTTP requests for combine theme to a single file.
This plugin is only focused on increasing a WordPress website performance for ultimate optimization. This plugin is not a must needed plugin for increase performance, but it was a one the best plugin to use to increase performance.

How Use Fast Velocity Minify In WordPress?


Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Fast Velocity Minify to install and activate the plugin in your WordPress.

Fast velocity minify


Head over Settings > Fast velocity Minify to configure this plugin.

Fast velocity minify


Fast velocity minify

Goto Settings tab > Select the checkbox URL Options to Use “//” protocol.


Check the Disable HTML Minification in HTML Options.


Check Disable Google Fonts Merging option in Fonts Options.


Goto Settings > Disable CSS processing and save settings. All other parameters are set theme default.

Disable CSS processing will prevent our site CSS broke down. Most do not affect with Enabling CSS processing. But If you are W3Total Cache user, then you need to disable this option. W3Total Cache plugin specific minification with it. Two of these plugin adjusting CSS file make CSS not working. It causes CSS broke down.


Check Disable JavaScript processing in JavaScript Options.

That’s all now we have to configure better minification our WordPress. Why we need this minification because of low-quality WordPress themes. A lot of themes are designed lot white space., Unnecessary character, Line space do make a website look good. But these things are beneficial for user experience, but it will affect our SEO rankings. Our site was much slower with this kind of low-quality themes.

If your website loads much slower then you need to minify our CSS and JS file, or you need to switch genesis themes. Genesis frameworks are better for SEO ranking. These themes are user-friendly and SEO friendly. Our TUTPLUS are designed with Genesis themes. Check our website page speed score on Gtmetrix.

We hope this article can you to learn a lot about minification and increase website performance. Thank you for spending your time to reading this article. If you like this article, Then share it is on social media.

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