EWWW Image Optimizer Settings For Best Image Compression

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Now we are going see how to setup EWWW image optimizer settings for ultimate image compression. Image optimization is one of a curial thing in WordPress. SEO experts and WordPress experts are highly recommended image optimization for speed up a WordPress Website. The image can directly affect a loading time of a website. Images can occupy a lot of disk spaces, and those images can take too much of time to load. Uncompressed images can make CPU to load more. Search engines never recommend a website without compressed images. High ranked images must be below of 150 KB and its loads much faster for ranked top search results.

Why Do We Need To Use EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin On Our WordPress?

Multimedia is one of the crucial things in WordPress. If we have a website, then we need to add images to our site. All image files are not being optimized for search engine rankings. We do manually optimize images for SEO. Search engine ranking it must be oriented to the loading time of a website. Most of the site ranked by loading times. Unoptimized can affect the loading time of the website. If we were using a lot of images, it needs to compress with smaller sizes. The size of images must be a ranking factor. We need to use the best image optimization plugin for compress images. EWWW image optimizer is one of the best plugins for using and compress images. EWWW image optimizer can do a lot of good things, and those are listed below.

  • Shared hosting then CPU loading times very high for a small process on your website. The multimedia file takes can too much High CPU consumption in shared hosting. EWWW image optimizer merely is reduced the CPU consumption with the compress of all the images.
  • We can compress the image with lossless compress with EWWW image optimizer.
  • The plugin only reduces the size of the image but does not affect its quality. We can get the quality of compressed images with EWWW Image Optimizer.
  • Its free to use and it has all the advanced features of compressing images.
  • It can optimize image automatically. We don’t need to take any action for optimization.
  • It can improve our WordPress performance optimizing images.
  • We can optimize WordPress theme image files.
  • We can resize, and re-optimize all the images with EWWW Image Optimizer.
  • Woocommerce websites must need this plugin for speed up.

EWWW Image Optimizer Settings

EWWW image optimizer is one of the best plugins which can easy to optimize all the image with ultimate optimization. This plugin can compress all the images automatically without our permission. We don’t have to worry about uploaded images. This plugin can take care all those images. EWWW image optimizer can optimize existing images and optimize all type of files like PNG, JPEG, SVG, GIF, WordPress Themes image files.

These Steps Can Help You To Install It On Your WordPress

  • Go to your WordPress website dashboard > open Plugin page on the left side menu.

ewww image optimizer settings

  • Select Add the new button on the plugin page.
  • In the search text box, type EWWW image optimizer to find this plugin.
  • After the search, We can see EWWW image optimizer plugin that page. We need to click install button to install the plugin our WordPress.
  • After finishing the installation, We need to activate the plugin. Activate button appeared on the same installation page. Click activate to use EWWW image optimizer.


  • You have finished the installation and activating plugin; then we need to configure for the ultimate image optimization.

EWWW Image Optimizer Settings are below.

Basic EWWW Image Optimizer Settings.


  • We don’t need to do any changes with this plugin. Just put all the setting default to use and optimize images.
  • The default setting is coming with ultimate optimization settings.

Advanced EWWW Image Optimizer Settings.

In advanced setting, We will set up just three things to make this plugin work correctly.

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > EWWW image Optimizer Settings > Advanced Settings

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  • Select the advanced settings tab and set the JPEG image quality to 90.
  • Check Scheduled Optimization option box.
  • Check Include Media Library Folder option box.
  • Save changes option to save these settings.

EWWW Image Optimizer Settings > Resize Settings

image optimize

  • Set Resize Media Library Images Width Hight to 0 pixels.
  • Set Resize Other Images Width Hight to 0 pixels.
  • Check the Resize the existing image to allow to resize media library existing images.

Optimize Existing Images.

  • EWWW image optimizer plugin can automatically optimize all the existing images without permission If we need to do it manually. It can be effortless
  • Go to WordPress Dashboard > Select Media Library > Bulk Optimize to open EWWW image optimizers compression wizard.

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  • Choose compression interval for select the image optimization times. A short time optimization can load CPU much more to process this image optimization. A long time will help you to compress the image with the best optimization with minimum CPU loads. Select Scan Unoptimized images option to scan images.

comrpess images

  • Select Start optimizing options to compress all the images.
  • If you want to compress the existing image, please select re-optimize select box in above of the page to compress existing images.

Bulk Optimize

I have personally used all these steps on my blog. My blogs works work perfectly and all my images are ranked high on SERP. I have followed search engine recommendations for this blog. CSS minification same like image optimizations. These two things can improve your performance very high. Thank you for spending your time to read this post. We hope this article can help you learn a lot about compressing images for SEO. If you like this article please share with friends on social media.

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