How To Create XML Sitemap In WordPress With Jetpack

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We can create XML sitemap with a lot of WordPress plugins and Jetpack is one of the best plugins to generate XML sitemaps. Sitemaps are must needed thing which help our site to produce organic traffic and lot of plugins can do this stuff very easily. We had seen the last post on how to create a sitemap with Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

In this guide, we are going to see how to create XML sitemap with WordPress Jetpack plugin.

WordPress Jetpack plugin is one of best plugin to have every WordPress websites. The Jetpack plugin has a lot of impressive functionality with it like

  • traffic counter
  • Image CDN
  • Sitemaps
  • Social shares
  • WordPress connectivity

These are very essentials for a WordPress website. Now we are going utilize the one of best functionality of Jetpack, and that is create XML sitemap.

How to create XML sitemap with WordPress Jetpack Plugin?

If you have already installed the jetpack plugin in your WordPress, please skip the first step and go through directly to the second step. If you don’t have it, then follow the first step.


We need to create XML sitemap with Jetpack on our WordPress. The first step is we need to install it on our WordPress.

Go to your  WordPress Dashboard > Open Plugin Menu > Click the above button Add New > Find Jetpack WordPress plugin in WordPress plugin directory > Click Install and Activate Button to install this plugin our WordPress.

Create XML sitemap


If done the first step correctly then you can use the plugin in your WordPress.

In this step, we are going to create XML sitemap in our WordPress. Go to > WordPress Dashboard > Open the Jetpack Menu in sidebar > Open Traffic tab > Scroll down to Sitemap option > drag Genareate XML sitemap option to create XML sitemap for our WordPress website.




Now we have successfully created XML sitemap, and this plugin only offers us for creating sitemaps. We cant configure sitemap with Jetpack. If you have a small website, then you don’t have to set. You need to enable XML sitemap with WordPress Jetpack. But if you run big sites and blog, , then you need to use a specific sitemap plugin like Google XML sitemaps and WordPress Yoast SEO.

WordPress Jetpack not only offer us for generating XML sitemaps it also provides us for submitting our site to search engines. We can utilize these options to run our WordPress website smoothly with the support of Jetpack.

We hope this guide can help you to create XML sitemap with one of a favorite plugin. Thank you for spending your time to read our article. If you like this article, please share with others.

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