Top 4 Black Hat SEO Techniques That You Must Avoid

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Now we are going to see about 4 Black Hat SEO techniques to we want to avoid for ranking higher. We are not going see the whole things about the Black Hat SEO techniques. Only we look at Top 4 of this topic which is viral on internet and lot of people does not know about the fact of Black Hat SEO methods.

If you want to grow your website rankings with risk-free methods then you need to follow the White Hat SEO methods, it takes 6 to 8 months to gives you decent organic results.

But some peoples want quick conclusions, and so they follow Black Hat SEO techniques. Some of the black hat SEO is not making any negative effects on some website. But it too dangerous to implement on your site. If You want long time results; please don’t do Black Hat SEO methods on your websites.

Top Four Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO Techniques

  1. Hide Something in A Web page

Hiding links and texts is one of worst Black Hat SEO techniques. Search engines never recommend this approach, and it is an enormous violation of web page or website. Hiding contents are not visible to the user and it only visible to search engine crawlers or bots. Mostly hiding content methods are listed below.

  • Set size of the font is 0
  • Use white backgrounds to text
  • Putting text in context or behind of an image
  • Use CSS coding to text off on the front screen
  • Hiding the links like put it on a small character like a hyphen, comma, dots in the middle of the web page.

Search engine analyses every web pages and the evaluation that page to rank it in search results. If you hide something in a web page from the reader and searchers, it will penalize you will not ranking anymore in search results.

  1. Doorway Redirect Pages

Doorway pages simply redirect of a web page to another web page. This page not designed for humans and only intended for search engines. Human cant realizes what the page is. But it redirects humans leads to other targeted pages. This redirect page is highly optimized for some targeted keywords to redirect searcher to another page. Search engine bots can leisurely crawl and find these kinds of doorways to pages. They never penalize doorway pages because this type of page always listed in spam sections. If you put your website on doorway pages, then you will have punished directly and lost all your SEO rankings in the lifetime.

  1. Link Farming or Schemes

Link farming is a viral Black Hat SEO techniques on the internet. This method is a little bit costly, and some people spent their money to get penalized on search engines. Money never overcomes search engine ranking algorithms. But peoples can’t realize, and they expect the get quick result to spend their money on it.

It is a dangerous Black Hat SEO method, and it eats all of the people’s money and makes them fool at last. Most Links farming practices are listed below you should avoid preventing penalizing

  • Buying backlinks
  • Exchange backlinks to other websites
  • Linking to un-relevant niche sites
  • Getting low quality bookmarking and directory site links
  • Use automatic link building software to get unlimited backlinks.

You try to use any of these link farming methods. Then these will kill your rankings and penalized you by search engines.

  1. Overuse of Keywords

Keywords are a primary ranking factor on the web page. A web page must need keywords to indexed in search results. If the web page does not have keywords, it will never rank on search engines because peoples are using keywords to search on search engines.

You need to add right amount density of keywords to a web page. The frequency of keywords is analyzed by search bots to index web page with similar contents like that contents. But if using a keyword density is more than 3% it will be called keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is just missing lead searchers to the link un-relevant niche type of materials.

The user never gets the right type of information with keyword stuffed web pages. It is also substantial Black Hat SEO techniques.

Please aware of these critical Black Hat SEO techniques to prevent penalizing on higher search engine rankings. All of listed above methods are viral on internet and lot Black Hat SEO providers fake you to make you fool. If you use these techniques then will finally penalize by the search engine, and you lose all the effort of your websites. We hope this article makes learn something useful about Black Hat SEO techniques. Thank you for spending your time read our article. If you had like this article, please share with your friends on social media.

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