5 Best Free CDN For WordPress Websites And Blogs

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Best free CDN for WordPress has existed?

Loading time of the website is one of an important thing SEO. Loading time of a website directly affect a website growth. A site takes too much of time to load then that website bounce rate was increase automatically, and it affects a website organic traffic.

43% of websites carry a load for more than 3.2 seconds, and search engine recommends to a site ideal loading time is 1.4 seconds. More than 1.4 seconds made a searcher avoid those site revisit. In e-commerce slower loading sites have decrease sales by loading time. So, we need to take care loading time for not only organic traffic it increases overall user experiences.

User experience is depending upon loading times of a website. If you have a site, you need to configure it for faster loading times.

Do we need to speed up our website then all other marketers offer us for their payment services, but we need a free option for our growth?

In internet lot of CDN provider are available for faster loading times and ultimate user experience. Most of CDN providers are very costly to use. If you are a small webmaster, then you need to use CDN network to increase organic traffic with faster loading times.

Don’t want to spend your money on this thing; then you need an option for using CDN without spending money.

We have the five best choices using CDN for free. In internet lot of unpopular CDN provider are available, and they have offered us free services to use. Their free CDN services can speed up your website quickly, follow this guide learn a lot about best free CDN for WordPress.

How can CDN services improve our WordPress website speed?

best free cdn for wordpress

A CDN is provided our content with multiple location servers in around the world. The content delivery network can cache our contents serve through visitors with various servers. CDN caches all the static page to serve the visitor via their closest location servers.

If your site has hosted INDIA and your visitor was in the USA, and they try to visit your website, it takes too much time for yours sever response. The distance from hosting server call was made too much of time to load.

But if you have CDN and then your site was hosted multiple servers around the world. A visitor tries to visit your website then their closest server response and servers your statics page through them, and it reduces a lot of loading time your site.

So CDN is one of a crucial thing for our WordPress websites. CDN is not only improving website speed it decreases monthly bandwidth usage of our web hosting. We can reduce our shared hosting site CPU usage very significantly by using CDN. We the best free CDN for WordPress to increase our organic traffic.

Best free CDN for WordPress

Free CDN providers do not only offer a free plan they have also offers paid plans for us to upgrade to advanced features. Now we are going to best free CDN for WordPress.

  1. Cloud Flare Content Delivery Network.

Cloud Flare is a one of a leading free CDN provider for WordPress, cPanel, Webhosting companies.  They powered over 3,000,000 websites and web properties around the world. Their free service is offering us for 100 MB of uploading files on the daily limit.

If you hosted WordPress website in cPanel, they would provide cPanel users for Railgun origin network optimizer technology for free. Which can easily increase a website performance over 200% significantly?

Cloud Flare additionally offer DDos and firewall protection for free and paid users.

Do you want more optimization then you need to upgrade your account?

Cloud flare requires installing Cloud flare plugin our WordPress website to use. Free plan cloud flare Is very useful for increases a website performance easily. If you are small website owner, then you don’t need to buy their premium plans.

Free plan of Cloud flare has a lot of good things for small WordPress websites.

  1. Incapsula Content Delivery Network.

Incapsula is one of leading free CDN provider for WordPress. More than 50 thousand sites are powered by Incapsula. Their quite like Cloud Flare they offer free plans and paid plans.

  • CDN and Web optimizer
  • Bot protection
  • Access Control
  • Login Protection
  • IPV6 support

All these features are they provide us for free. But these are worth to use for free. Incapsula needs a WordPress plugin to handle CDN on our site.

  1. Photon Image Content Delivery Network.

Photon is one a WordPress plugin add-on. This plugin can speed up images on our WordPress website. Photon CDN only for images. This image CDN pre-build with jetpack WordPress plugin. Anyone can use this image CDN for free with on their WordPress website. Your site has a lot of images then need use this option in your jetpack plugin. You can increase your website performance very easily with Photon CDN.

  1. Coral Content Distribution Network

The Coral CDN is one of a worldwide CDN provider. But their service is not advanced in comparing all other CDN providers, but they have offered us for free CDN. We can use CORAL CDN for free.

Their CDN technology is based PEER-TO-PEER technology. We can use this CDN to decrease our site usage bandwidth very easily. We can use this service with a WordPress plugin we don’t need to change our servers of the domain to use it on.

  1. Swarmify CDN

Swarmify is one of a free CDN provider, and they offer their services with WordPress plugin. We can use this CDN with a dedicated WordPress plugin. It was like same as jetpack plugin and swarmify functions quite similar to Jetpack.

This CDN service as the same image CDN and we can host images with Swarmify. Image hosting with swarmify is one best thing to use because they have offered us for geo-image serving technology. It can serve an image with multiple servers around the world.

These five services are mostly underrated on internet and lot of peoples does not know about these services. They offer us for Best free CDN for WordPress, and we can use these services to speed up our WordPress easily.

Not only these services provide us with speed up a WordPress website. We can also increase our overall site performance user experiences, and we can decrease a website bounce rate with these services.

We hope you can improve your websites overall performance and organic traffic with this article. Thank you for spending your time to read this article. Do you love this best free CDN for WordPress article, please share with your friends on social media?

If you have Used any other free CDN please mentioned it here.

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