I am a WordPress Developer + SEO Expert

My profession is to help others to make significant success in online.
I was born and grew up in Tamil Nadu, India.

My childhood dream became a Mechanical Engineer but later on, I studied a bachelor of Computer applications in Bharathi Dhasan University.

In my college time, I start learning about PHP, MySQL, and WordPress. Later these things become my hobby and I start doing small projects in PHP, My SQL and build websites for my friends and neighbors.

After I completed my bachelor degree in 2016, looking for some technically oriented jobs and But in India, we could not get a good job with a bachelor degree.

Then I decide to make money with my technical knowledge and it helps me to become a full-time freelancer.
Spending too much time to get the first project on freelance platforms, after the first project I got more and more works and it helps me to make money online.

At one point, My heart told me to start a blog for sharing my knowledge with other peoples.
A few years later I start this blog, TUTPLUS.TECH was my second blog but already I have created one blog which is only about WordPress, But TUTPLUS was fully about WordPress and SEO.

All of my tutorials are well designed for all kind of readers. Anyone can quickly read my tutorials with the little bit of English knowledge.

have created all my tutorials with good information oriented for problem-solving. So, you can solve your problem with my tutorials.