7 Best Sitemap Plugin For WordPress Websites And Blogs

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Now we are going to see about best sitemap plugin for WordPress. Organic traffic is very vital things in SEO. If a site needs to get the traffic, it needs some essential things to getting index by search engines. That’s essentials thing are like On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Other elements like sitemaps.

Sitemaps are must needed thing in SEO and search engine indexings. It shows search engines to index with our site. We can disallow some pages to index on search engines results. Search engine bots obey those rules to no index some pages with the help of sitemaps.

We must need to be added our sitemap to search engine then after the search engines index time to time update of our site.

Last three article we had to see about create a sitemap with

Now, we are going to see about various best SEO sitemap plugin which is best for WordPress websites. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing are major search engines around the world. All these three search engines index a site with the help of sitemaps, and they always index our site quickly when we add or change something on our website.

There is over five best plugin available for creating a sitemap for WordPress, but some specific plugins are specially designed for creating sitemaps for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex. These plugins are also generating a sitemap with  XML and HTML versions.

Best Sitemap Plugin For WordPress

1.Yoast SEO Plugin XML Sitemaps

Yoast SEO plugin, not an XML sitemap plugin its total SEO bundle plugin. XML sitemaps are one of its features. You can use this plugin to generate XML sitemaps, and you can submit this XML sitemaps to every search engines.This plugin is one of a crucial SEO plugin which is designed for On page SEO things.

2.Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

Google XML Sitemaps plugin is one of the best sitemap plugin for WordPress. This plugin specially created for generating sitemaps. We can generate XML and HTML sitemaps with this plugin. All of its features are very impressive to use.

We can notify all primary search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing to index our site when we updated anything on our website with this plugin. We can generate specific sitemaps to images, videos, contents, pages with this plugin. This plugin does not require any configuration to use; If we just install and activate on our site, then sitemaps will be automatically generate on our website.

3.Jetpack For WordPress Sitemaps

Jetpack is one best WordPress plugin and must needed plugin for every WordPress users. This plugin has a lot of good features for us. We can use all of its advanced features for free. Jetpack offers us for Security, Social media integration. Image CDN, WordPress connectivity, XML sitemaps, Search console integrations.

Jetpack XML sitemap is very easy to generate and which is best for small WordPress websites and blogs. But we cant configure jetpack plugin XML sitemap functionality, but it was the best plugin to use.

4.XML sitemaps

XML sitemaps plugin one of the best sitemap plugin for WordPress. Giving us for good SEO friendly WordPress website is determined. XML sitemaps plugin is a very lightweight plugin and has small configuration options. All its best feature are comes pre-built and we don’t need to make changes anything with the plugin. When we install this plugin, it will automatically generate XML sitemaps in our site. Best feature of this plugin is

  • Automatically Generate XML sitemaps to pages, post, images, videos, contents.
  • Collect all the updated data of a site to submit sitemaps
  • Notify search engines to crawl our site with consistent basis

5.Simple XML Sitemap Generator WordPress Plugin

This plugin is one of the best sitemap plugin for WordPress. We can only create an XML sitemap with this plugin. Its sitemap was supported by google, yahoo, and bing. All of its features are simply useful for every type of WordPress websites like a blog, e-commerce store, business websites, membership sites.

All these plugin support the latest version of WordPress. This plugin is straightforward to use to create XML sitemaps. All these plugins feature are similar to each other. We have given you the best option to generate XML sitemaps. You like this best sitemap plugin for WordPress article, please share it with social media.

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